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Tekst oraz teledysk do utworu Demon Hunter: Screams of the Undead, album Demon Hunter.

Screams of the Undead

Jonathan Englert

Oryginalny tekst piosenki:

Screams of the Undead

Every single time i feel the burn i try to throw it away.

A fast fix for the brokenness of everyday.

Its like the pain is building up, it's swelling up,

i've got to choke it down and break it down until it's broke down.

it's like a shard of glass, it's like a broken piece.

Of everything i hate, it's everything in me,

A burnt heart stains black the blood it flows.

A dead soul will overshadow.

Push it out. I'ts everything you never were,

Push it out. I want to see it shatter.

And Everyday i see my life rewind tearing through dreams i find im wide awake.

And even when it's wrong i start to learn, and then i do it again.

I reach out to grasp and get a broken hand,

And everyone is going to turn their backs.

I want to take them down,

and strike them down and leave them struck down.

Its like im made to fail with everything i gain.

Just an infected piece in a defective game.

My two hands give birth to nothing right.

A black past is an effective foresight.

Push it out, it's everything you never were.

Push it out, i want to see it shatter.

And Everyday i see my life rewind tearing through dreams i find im wide awake.

And everything is building up, a pale heart is an empty cup,

if nothing ever changes, im breaking down, giving up.

Burn it out, let it go, break it all, lose control,

force it out, bring it through, pass it down, make it new.

Kill the pain, scrape it off, leave it here, make it stop.

Tear it down, bleed it out, all the hate, see it straight.

No one ever told me that it would all stay the same.

Everyday i fall on shards of my hatred and shame.

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Screams of the Undead


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